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  • Dr. Gregory Landis

    Dr. Landis has been practicing optometry for over 25 years.  He grew up in Indiana and received his Doctorate in Optometry from Indiana University.  He completed his residency at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dr. Landis owned a practice in Ohio for about ten years.  After selling the practice, he, Elizabeth, and their five children moved back to Indiana in 2006 where Greg worked and Elizabeth homeschooled the kids.  As the children grew up, the three oldest, one by one, migrated to Moscow, Idaho for college.  Greg and Elizabeth saw the writing on the wall and decided to move the rest of the family to Idaho at the beginning of 2018.  It was at that point that Dr. Landis met Dr. Sheahan.  Over a matter of weeks, the two decided to join up and Dr. Landis began seeing patients at THE EYE DOCTOR in April of 2018.  Dr. Sheahan and Dr. Landis split time in the office seeing patients until Dr. Sheahan's health began limiting his participation in the patient care in June of 2018.  Dr. Landis seeing patients full time since early June, 2018.  The Landis family enjoys the many activities and opportunities that Idaho provides.  Dr. Landis hopes to someday soon catch his first Steelhead.

  • Dr. Ron Sheahan

    Dr. Sheahan originally started his career as an engineer. After earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in civil engineering, he worked in aerospace and nuclear engineering in California.  After being out of school for close to 25 years, he returned to school to obtain his doctorate degree in Optometry.  Dr. Sheahan came to Lewiston in 1994 and joined the optometry practice with Dr. Johansen.  A few years later, Dr. Johansen retired and Dr. Sheahan became the sole operator.  He later renamed the practice THE EYE DOCTOR.

    Dr. Sheahan loved his patients, he loved working at the practice, and he loved running it like a well-oiled machine.  When THE EYE DOCTOR relocated to its current location at 3201 5th Street, it had a large sign that could show personalized messages. He was famous for his humorous and inspirational sign message that he faithfully changed every couple weeks.  He enjoyed finding sayings that would make people think and make people chuckle.

    In early 2018, Dr. Sheahan was given that news that his health might not allow him to keep practicing full time.  Providentially, it was at the same time he met Dr. Landis.  Dr. Landis joined the practice in the Sping of 2018.  By summer of 2018, Dr. Sheahan's health had changed to the point where he did not feel well enough to see patients.

    While the staff here at THE EYE DOCTOR held out hope of Dr. Sheahan's return, his health declined.  Dr. Sheahan passed away on July 27, 2018.  Dr. Sheahan was involved in numerous service clubs and charities and will be greatly missed by all

Owner: Dr. Gregory Landis
Location: 3201 Fifth St., Lewiston
Employees: Four, full and part time
Products/services: Eye exams, glasses and contacts, optometric care for all ages
History: The clinic, originally located near St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, was founded by Dr. Lester Ashenbrenner in 1958, followed by Dr. Chris Johansen. Dr. Sheahan joined the practice in 1994 and worked with Johansen for about one year before becoming the sole operator. Sheahan moved the office to its current location in the fall of 2011.  Dr. Landis bought the practice from Dr. Sheahan in the late Spring of 2018.
Family: Wife Elizabeth; five children - Caroline, George, Laurabeth, Isabelle, and Jack.
Education: Bachelor of Science - Indiana University,  Doctorate of Optometry - Indiana University,
Residency - Veterans Administration Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio


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